Circular Reasoning

Has anybody ever cut and shortened cirular needles. Don’t want to spend any more money (which is now a Hubby enforced rule) on 16 " circulars, but have the correct size needle in 29". Can I cut the cord and perhaps tape them back together.

Thanks in advance,

Sandy S.

I don’t think they would hold if you tape them. Another alternative is to use the magic loop method, for which I’m sure there’s a video on the site. Check the links at the top of the page. THIS page has “Magic Loop Knitting”

I wouldn’t cut them. As suggested, the magic loop technique works great and I use it all the time.

Just use magic loop with the 29". Or the modified ML where you spread your sts out from the left needle as far as they’ll reach and loop the right needle. I figure that one out years ago when all I had were 29-32" and needed to knit something that was only 20some inches.

As noted, us ML. You’d never want to cut them as you’d never be able to achieve a new join (yarn wouldn’t slide over a make-shift effort).

Definitely wouldn’t cut it, would never be the same.

I recently ran into the same problem and didn’t have time to figure out ML. I just used my long circ, pulling out a section of the long cord opposite from where I was working so the sts weren’t stretched out around the whole cord. As I got to it, I’d just pull the excess out of my way again.

:LOL: You basically did a modified magic loop

Yep, that’s how I do it.

Oh no, don’t cut!! Magic Loop!

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]No, don’t cut. You will never get them back together. (Well, I do have some ideas based on some electrical connectors I’ve seen made. They are generally are only available or known to power companies and their contractors.)

I think the magic loop video I saw uses circulars more like DPNs. Pull the cable out between stitches to make a “corner” like two DPNs meeting. That tenique requires a flexible cable on the circular, but if you make the corner loop (or two) at CO it wouldn’t need a highly flexible cable so long as it is long enough to make a gentile loop/corner.

As a beginning knitter, I just tried a DPN project. I made my own DPNs from bamboo chopsticks (free with meal) using an electric pencil sharpener, sand paper, and a pocket knife. As I have been working around my UFO, I remembered the ML or modified ML video. I try to divide my work between needles with two or three stitches left over. As I work around my work and free up a DPN, the two or three extra stitiches are worked off the next DPN and on to the “work onto” needle before starting with the empty DPN. That moves the “corrners” arround the work to more evenly distribute any loose or tight stitches.

When I get room in my budget for circulars, I think I’ll just buy the largest lenght circular cable I can get with changable points. I figure I can always use the ML technique once or twice to make the circulars short enough. Each loop of circular you pull out is like the corner formed where two DPNs meet.

My DPN project is new covers for the sun visors in my car. Nine years old an the sun visors have worn thin. :redface:


Tape will absolutely not work so don’t cut them. Try ML and if all else fails save it for another project. Also if you have two with the same size needles you can use the two circ method. That’s the one I like.

Yep, I just had a circular dilemma too!!! Posted questions on KH…and Viola!!! I used my long circular needle, played around (probably doing a Modified ML as explained by Suzeeq) and completed several small round hats…but on some projects I cast on using my dpn’s, then switched to circs…using ML (one circ method) yehaw!!!