Circular Pattern Help

HELP :hair:

I’m making a bag.

With A, CO 46 sts. DONE

Work back & forth in garter st for 16 rows DONE

So, I’m left with this

Then, Sides
With A (green) and RS facing, pick up and knit sts along rem 3 sides of base as foll: 9 sts along short side, 46 sts along CO edge, 9 sts along other short side - 110 sts total.

Now, do I go down the first short side ( where my last stitch was? And go along the outsides in regtangles?

The instructions continue…
Place marker and join for working in rnd. Purl 2 rnds.

This is the finished product

Please HELP!!!

Yes. Start on the short side where your working yarn is and pick up 9 stitches, then turn your work 90 degrees and pick up 46 stitches on your cast on edge, turn 90 degrees and pick up 9 stitches on the other short side. Your exsisting knitting will look somewhat like a bowl and you will work around and around as the directions tell you. What you have on your needles now will be the bottom of the bag.