Circular Pattern Help Needed Please

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I’m knitting a Baby Sleeper Bag from a pattern. The pattern begins thus:

"Beg. at neck edge w/ #3 dpn;s and main color, cast on 68 sts. Work in K1 P1 ribbing for 8 rows. Change to #4 circular needle. P12, place a marker (front), P10 place a marker (sleeve), etc…

A picture of the finished item can be seen here:

When I began, I cast on to the #3 dpn’s, [B][COLOR=Red]joined[/COLOR][/B] the work, and did the K1 P1 ribbing in the round. I’ve been reading the pattern over and over and not understanding how it will result in the expected item. Now I am thinking perhaps I was wrong to [COLOR=Red][B]Join [/B][COLOR=Black]the work when I did. The pattern never said to do that, I just assumed it because I was using dpn’s.
Was I supposed to knit those first 8 rows flat (thus leaving the neck area open) and join after I switched to the circular needles?

Thanks for your input!
I don’t want to keep knitting only to find out I have made a nice tight closed neck opening to pull over a newborns head, lol!


Yeah, you wouldn’t knit flat on DPNs unless you are only using one. I suspect you are actually starting at the bottom. Some patterns do that. Check further down the pattern and see if they talk about the sleeves and neck opening.

Well, the pattern does say “Beg. at neck edge”
…and I am to place the sleeve stitches on holders before the portion that says “Now work in stockinette st. until 14 1/2” from armhole." So, I think I am starting at the top.

I just picked up on something more though. I’m now thinking that I was supposed to be working flat all of this time, and not even knitting in the round when I switched to the circulars.

The pattern calls for increasing rows alternating w/ P rows, “until a total of 212 sts. P across back side. Next row: K across, placing sleeve sts. on holders. [B][COLOR=Red]Join to form round[/COLOR][/B].”

So, I guess I was supposed to knit flat this whole time. I can actually see how the pattern works if that is the case though. It is flat for the whole top where the neck is open, then joins to knit in the round at the armpits.

Shucks, I was so proud of my felted color join that was perfectly aligned to the start of a row too : (
Ah well, better to figure it out now then 50 rows from now.


Yep, it should be knit flat, then you join later. Funny they’d have you knit flat on dpns all those rows though; it’s much easier to start with circs or even straight needles, then switch to working in the round.

Yeah, it’s the DPNs that through me. That’s just nuts to knit flat on those!

Thank you ladies!
This pattern just gets crazier:??

I am now knitting flat, just placed markers, and increasing on the knit rows. I still cannot decipher how this pattern will work. Here is the new dilemma:

I have 68 sts on my needles. The marker placement is:

P12 PM(front), P10 PM(sleeve), P24 PM(back), P10 PM(sleeve), P12 PM(front)
It seems a little strange to me that there is a front marker 12 sts in from one end and another front marker after the last stitch at the other end, but I’ve never knit anything w/ sleeves before…so maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about, lol. I would have thought they would each be 12 sts in from either end though.

However, I do know math…and it isn’t adding up. After placing the markers, on the increase rows I am to:
"Knit across inc. 1 st. before and 1 st after each marker across row. (*inc.'s)"
this alt w/ P rows on the backside. Then…
“Repeat these 2 rows until a total of [COLOR=Red]212 sts.[/COLOR] P across back side.”

If I have 68 sts, 5 markers, and increase 1 st before and 1 st after each marker (ie. inc 10 sts per inc row), how will I ever end up w/ 212 sts?

I’m thinking something is off w/ the markers because this is a bilateral design, yet it seems like I will not be increasing the front equally on either side the way I interpret the pattern.
I cannot see what alteration would result in 212 sts though.

If I left off that last marker (which is at the end of the row,) I would be increasing 8 sts per row, which doesn’t add up either.

What am I missing? Any thoughts?


The ‘front’ markers are to separate the fronts from the sleeves, and they are 12 sts from each end. You’ll see how that works when you knit that row. You should have only 4 markers, are you sure you’re supposed to put one after the 2nd set of 12sts? If that’s what it says, it seem to be a typo. With 4 markers you inc 8 sts every other round which works out fine - 212-68=144 * 8 is 18 so that’s even.

Thank you Sue! That’s just what I thought, but I was thinking 112 instead of 212, so 8 sts didn’t work either!

This pattern is horrible though. It does say to place that last marker.

Thanks again, seeing it written out helped me see my error. Back to it:happydance: