Circular or straight

Im very new to knitting and my husband has offered to get me a knitting needle set. I like the wooden harmony, but dont know if I should get the straight or the circular set. If people could give me the pro and cons of both I would be so greatful :star:

I would have to vote circulars. You can knit flat with circular needles but you can’t knit circular with straight needles.

The circular set would give you much more flexibility.

I like the circulars. You don’t have to knit in the round , you can use them as straight needles. They keep the weight off of your wrists and arms more than straight needles. Don’t know if what you are considering are interchangables but interchangables are great. I’m sure there are cons but I really like interchangable circular needles.

Another vote for circulars here–they are definitely a lot easier on the wrists, and plus, you don’t have to worry about losing a needle. :slight_smile:

Add me to the circular vote…you can use them as straight, but you cannot you straight as circular. My hubby bought me an interchangeable set a couple of years ago and I am addicted now … I am working on getting set #3 for Christmas.

Another vote for circulars! You can use them for flat or circular knitting so they are fabulous. I have the Options and love them, but I know many love the Harmonys just as much!

Yep, circulars are so much more flexible. I’d vote for circs.

circs here too.

Looks like we got us a concensus going on.


Circs for me too … much more versatile than straights.

When you get your circs you will get 2 cables + 2 buttons in each size cable. Just screw the button on one end, the needle on the other end of the cables and you have your straight needles. Works great.


Without a doubt, CIRCULARS!

Hi! :waving:

I’ll add to the concensus - circulars, definitely.

I have the Options Interchangeable and you couldn’t buy them back from me for twice what I paid for them! :slight_smile: They’re wonderful, for straight and circular knitting.

Whichever you choose, have lots and lots of fun!

Happy knitting!

Ruthie :knitting:

I have both sets of harmony needles. Depending on your preference and finances both styles are needed. Sometimes you get in the mood to knit “straight” and at other times, “circular”. Sometimes the project also dictates what needle type is needed. Shawls, afghans, etc. usually call for cirulars because of the number of stitches to be casted-on. After knitting for 30 years, I have all types of needles and use them whenever the mood dictates. My preference - metal. Love the new Signatures. Hope this helps.

I like knitting with straights as well as circs but if I were going to get a whole set then I’d go for the circs.

I never use straights so I’d say if you own circs they are not needed. Some people prefer them for certain things though.

I am also new to knitting… I am wanting to get a set of needles of my own. I see that everyone recommends circular needles - but can someone explain the interchangeable sets to me?

Interchangeable sets come with a set of tips in several sizes and about 4 different size cords which you can change out according to the length and size of needle you need. They generally cover the whole range of sizes and so you wouldn’t need to buy a lot of different needles, therefore saving money in the long run. You can usually also buy tips and cords separately, either to try out or to add to your set.

Here are the Knitpicks Options that people mention (in metal, they also come in wood)

This is the Boye kit - and the Denise set -