Circular or DPNs for a hat pattern

Hi! I have only knit 2 very basic scarves, and now I’d like to try some more difficult things, but I’ve never used a pattern before. I’d really like to try this hat:

But I’m confused - it says I need both circular and double pointed needles, but not when to use them. Which do I start with and when do I switch?

I think I can figure the rest of it out. That’s just the part I’m most confused by right now.

Please help! Thanks!

You start the hat by casting on using the circular needles, and switch to the DPNs when shaping the crown of the hat. The pattern doesn’t seem to specify when to switch, so it likely doesn’t matter … I would switch to the DPNs once I had decreased to the point where it was getting difficult to use the circulars. DPNs are much easier when knitting a small circumference in the round and will make it much easier to finish the top of the hat once you are down to a few stitches.

Good luck!

Once the number of stitches gets too small to fit comfortably around the circular, you switch to the dpns. Or add a 2nd circ and use both, or use a longer one and magic loop with it.

I usually use DPNs to start out and finish, I put it on a 16" circ once I’ve done the first row of increases.

Depends on whether the hat is made from the brim up or the crown down. Usually if it’s crown down, the pattern will say something like “cast on XXX stitches evenly spread over 3 needles” or something. If yours doesn’t, start with the circulars as previously said.

Or you can just do it all on DPNs, as long as all the stitches fit on. I like DPNs, and you can buy longer ones.

I usually go from a 16 inch circ to two circular needles if possible, but I have used DPNs, too.

Hi, I am a beginner knitter also. I have been knitting whenever I get a free moment for a little over a year now and I really enjoy it. I too started with a few basic scarves went to a cable knit. An this year I found myself miraculously finishing a cable knit scarf I gave to my mother. I got brave and wanted to try a basic hat pattern I got a little discouraged towards the top so I patched it up + i will put it in my bag. I don’t give up that is for sure. Since a couple of weeks ago I learned how to use double point needles. Very exciting ! I started out practicing and then turned it into a doll hat for my daughter. She loves it. An this is why I am sending you this link. I would like to start this hat pattern anytime. I just have to ask if you think I could use DPN’S from the beginning to end ? I think I was reading under your question you could. But I am not sure an I don’t want to begin this new project if i’m not sure. Now that I know how to decrease + get it done right. I thought I had better ask. Good luck on your pattern. Now that I know how to use DPN’S I don’t want to use circulars if I don’t have to. You know ? why use them and switch over to DPN’S in the middle if you can just work all the way through on DPN’S. I am interested in hearing about any tips you have to share.
Let me know what you think about the hat pattern o.k Still very basic but very beautiful ! I liked the you posted you had a question about. sheba

You can also work a hat on circular needles without switching to dpns. Look in the Advanced Techniques page for Magic Loop. You use a longer needle to do this.