Circular Newbie

Hi all!

I am very new to circs. I was taught using straights (one needle under the armpit) style! So even the fact of not having that arm stability is throwing me off. I have been crocheting constantly for the last few years and my knitting has been really neglected!

However, I have two knitting patterns I really want to crack on with, and I want to start using circulars almost exclusively. I managed to knit a teeny weeny shawl on circs yesterday as practise and it turned out lovely, I did find a rhythm!

One of the patterns is a child’s beanie and it uses straights. I would like to get this done asap before colder weather! Do I have to adapt the pattern to use circs? Do I use the same size tips? Will I have to ensure I have a certain length of cable?

Thank you!

Welcome to the world of circulars!

Hats generally will use a 16" circular until you get to the top and the circumference is too small for them. Then you’d switch to double-pointed needles. Or you can explore the world of magic loop and use a longer needle the entire way. Needle size might be the same, so you can at least start with the same size tips. Some people find their circular gauge to be different from their flat gauge. (Example, stockinette flat, you purl back on the WS. Purling can give you a looser gauge because of the different motion to that of knit stitch. But in-the-round, you’d be knitting every round.)

Switching a pattern from flat to in-the-round involves two things. There’s general two extra stitches that are used for seaming the hat; subtract them. And you have to change the WS directions to whatever they look like on the wrong side. So a WS knit becomes a RS purl and so on. Charted directions you have to do that, but also work the chart from right to left on all rounds.

I’d suggest just starting with a pattern designed for working in-the-round, really. There are a ton of simple ones for free out there.

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Ahh thanks so much lewister! Really appreciate you taking the time to write me such a detailed answer. I’ll definitely try to get a practise hat in in between crochet orders, I just feel like I need to get back into knitting too, and I reaaallly want to buy myself a pair of Hiya Hiya’s :grin:

Thanks again!

I only use circular needles, but I do magic loop so I don’t have to switch methods for the crown. I prefer a 40" cable with circular needle tips… I own Knitter’s Pride and Knit Picks circular sets.

Thank you @Jan_in_CA! I like Knit Picks, I’ll have a look and check out magic loop again :slight_smile:

Knit Picks was my first set of interchangeable needles. I also have the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz which I love, too. Both are reasonably priced so good for your first set.

BTW…I mentioned I like 40" cables for hats. Right now I’m using a 32" because I was in a hurry one day and grabbed it instead of 40". It works, BUT I find the loops aren’t long enough and tend to slip in the stitches which means I have to count again. Just FYI :wink: