Circular needles

Hi All,

I was knitting a great hat using circular needles… without realizing it, the cable broke… yup…


I want to buy a set of circular needles that lock and are not glued or whatever holds them in place.

When using circular needles, I’m not really fond of wooden/bamboo. I find they slow down my knitting. But if you find ones that are sleek, even if wooden, let me know… thanks!

Any recommendations out there. Many sets do not have a 16inch in length which I want in my set.

Thanks so much…

I love my Knit Picks Sunstruck (wood) tips and my Knitter’s Pride Nova (metal) tips, I have both full sets. For 16" circs with these you’d need the special short tips. There are lots of brands of needles, these are the ones I’m familiar with.

I love the Addi Turbos. They’re a little more expensive but they last forever, are sleek, and the joins are smooth and permanent.

i was going to say earlier, and then got sidetracked, and then out of the house running errands, etc etc etc…

i love my new chiaogoo needles that i got through KH’s shop. they’re 5" tips, but they’re available from chiaogoo in 4" as well, and the cable lengths go as low as 8" so that would be your 16" right there… you may have to mix-match from different vendors, though, as not all shops carry all sizes.

Hey!.. Thanks… I looked up the Turbos… they are beautiful, but I need 16"… so now I’m looking at the addi lace click… which do. I have not decided … but I certainly don’t want circular cables to break in the middle of a project…
Thanks again, S
Warmly… ca

Oops… I forgot to mention…The Addi Lace Click… are by Skacel :slight_smile:


After much searching… talking to others… yada yada… I decided to purchase the Addi Lace Click circular needles. I’ll be getting them next week.
I can’t believe how the prices differed from one place to another. I felt that Amazon had the best price by far… no shipping fee…
I’ll keep you posted. OH… BTW… I did find a great site where the women did a comparative of all the needles… If you want to check it out… = KnitLuck

Thanks for the site. Should be helpful.