Circular needles

how to decrease top of hat using 2 circular needles

When you work with 2 circulars, you knit with both ends of one needle and then with both ends of the second. So just do the decreases at the given intervals (for example, k2tog, k8, k2tog etc.). If the sts to be decreases are each on separate needles, just slip one back to the other needle so that they’re both on the same needle, k2tog and continue with the decrease pattern.

thank u for the response, clicked on video help but doesn’t show how to do it

You decrease the same way you do with any other needles. The method of decrease remains the same regardless of whether you use two circs, magic loop, or DPN.

So…the question is do you need to learn how to use two circulars OR do the decreases on a hat? To help with the former go to the videos and look under advanced techniques. That will teach you how to use two circs. To help with the latter we need to know how many stitches you have cast on and have on your needles now.

Yes, if it’s the decrease, you would decrease as usual. The only thing different about being on 2 circs (or on dpns) would be that the 2 sts to be decreased might be on different needles. If that happens, slip the sts so that they’re both on the same needle and work 2sts together.

thanks for response, i watched video, but im at top of hat where 16 sts have to b knitted, then start dec next round, do i put half of sts on 2nd cirular

Okay, so you’ve already decreased some. Yes, put half the stitches on each on each needle and you’ll be using one needle at a time so make sure you pick up the correct end. Technique is shown in the video.

Then you decrease by whatever method you’re following.

so i go from one circ needle to the other in the round

i put 16 sts on each circular, after i worked 1st circ needle it came out and i only had one, don’t know why this happened, i fixed the row, and now have to start all over…

You only had one what? One needle? You have to work the stitches with the other end of the needle they’re on. I get it messed up every time I try using 2 circs. It helps to have different needles (color or material they’re made of) for each set.

That’s why I said to watch the video. It makes more sense if see how it’s done.

You only knit with one of the two needles at a time…first one, then the other.

thanks, i’ll try again

thanks i’ll try again