Circular needles

Hi all, I’m a rookie knitter- I’ve just knitted a couple of scarves on straight needles before but now I’m determined to use circular needles to knit a nice hat. The pattern requires to work knit one purl one ribbing for three rows initially and I was just wondering if the knitting and purling are done in the exact same way as they would on straight needles? Thank you!


HOW you do stitches will always be the same no matter what type or size of needles you are using.

The only difference is to realize that when you knit flat you alternate working on the rs and ws. When you knit in the round you are always knitting on the rs. Therefore, you sometimes have to work the opposite stitch from the ws to get it to look how you want on the rs.

But, with ribbing you always knit the knits and purls the purls, regardless of whether you are knitting flat or in the round.