Circular Needles

I’m trying to figure out how to knit in the round, it’s not going to good. My sts always end up way to tight to work. I mean they won’t budge when I try to move them by hand. Can anyone help me

Are you trying to fit too few stitches on the needle? What is your needle length vs. number of stitches?

Which cast on do you use, and which hand do you hold the yarn in? Whichever CO, keep it loose, don’t pull on the yarn. And yeah, you might have too long a needle for the amount of stitches.

Take a look at this video for Large Diameter Circular knitting from the Advanced Techniques section of the Free Videos at the top of the page. It may give you an idea of where things are going wrong. Also, be sure that you’re casting onto the needle itself and not the thin cable between needles.

The number of sts is118 the size is 10 and 29 inches. I’m co in the needle. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong:shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

You can also try using a larger needle just for the CO. Then, you can slip these stitches to your size 10s, join in the round, and begin knitting.

118 doesn’t sound like enough stitches for a 29" needle. If your gauge is 4 stitches per inch, then the finished product will be about 29 inches. A circular needle should be a few inches shorter than the finished piece so the stitches can slide easily.

Are your stitches too tight to knit into? Or are they not sliding around the circle easily? If you tried too hard to get then to fit around the needle, they may have tightened as you pulled.

I’d suggest casting on a shorter needle and see how that works.

Or you can knit a few rows flat and then see if there’s enough to fit around after the stitches have some substance to them.

Do you mean the individual sts are tight or do you mean all the sts don’t quite fit around? If they don’t fit all the way around, pull the cord out between sts about halfway so the sts will meet at the needle tips more easily. After a row or 2 they should be more comfortable to knit them all without the loop.