Circular Needles

This is a question I should have asked long ago, is there some secret way to tell what size a circ needle is? Once the packaging is gone, I have no way of knowing what size it is, I end up just comparing it to regular needles and guessing the size. Also, I have a problem with the center part being all twisted up and I am constantly fighting with it to stay in the right position.

Get a needle sizer, they’re just a couple bucks anyplace that sells needles - walmart, joanns, hobby lobby, michaels, etc.

I didn’t know such a thing existed, thanks.

They’re a square or rectangular thing with holes in it and a ruler along the edge. They’ll be hanging with the hooks and needles.

Me either! This is genius! I’ve been afraid to throw the packaging away and use a cute needle bag for my DPNs for the same reason! Much better system than trying to find each size in a different color and memorizing it.

The sad thing is I’ve actually seen them in a store, wondered what they were, and it STILL didn’t click. :doh:

The problem with the cable getting twisted and such can come down to brand…I have a set that are bamboo and great - no twisting…but another set I bought were AWFUL and the cable was hard and did not give and twisted constantly. I am going to get a set of knitpicks ( - my cousin has them and I used hers and they are fabulous. I think, like anything, there are cheaply made brands and well designed brands.

Hope this helps…


To unkink the circular needle cable, briefly dip the cable portion in really hot water and immediately straighten and apply tension to the cable before it cools. Should set you up for the duration of the project. Then coil for storage.