Circular needles

I have a few questions about circular needles. When i knit in the round on circular needles i can always see where i joined is this normal? Also i am wanting to get an interchangeable set I am looking a getting the Addi Click set. Is this a good set or is there one better. Also do they make interchangeable sets that are made out of bamboo?:thud:

Sometimes there’s a gap when you join. Some people minimize this by swapping the first and last stitches at the beginning of the first round to cinch them closer togethers. Others will cast on an extra stitch and knit it tog with the first st.

There are some bamboo interchangeables, I can’t remember the name, and Knit picks makes a pretty wood set - click the ad banner at the top of the page. You can search lots of old thread with discussions that have this information in them by putting ‘interchangeable’ into the search forums field.

The technique I’ve been using to snug the join, is the knit the first stitch with the tail end from the cast on. Then resume knitting as usual with the end from the skein.

There are several ways to snug the join as has been mentioned, but if you just start knitting and get the two needles as close to each other as you can on that first round and the next couple it all works out quite nicely anyhow. Yes, you may still see the spot, but when you work in the tail you can make it look very nice anyhow.

I think all the methods work fine. Use whichever you like, but I’ve read that some folks prefer just to start knitting because the other things you do make a thicker place that will always be noticeable. I don’t know that I agree with that (rather nit-picky), but try the different ways and see what you like best.