Circular needles

First time using to knit in the round. calls for 16" circular needles with a cast on of 84 stitches. work in ribbing, 2x2. Problem is the tubing keeps kinking on me at attachment to needle. Needle part length is 5+ inches and straight. What is the problem? What is the best needle to purchase when doing hats like this?


The needle part is to long for knitting in the round.I had the same problem and had to go to a 4" needle. I use Hiya Hiya needles. They work great.

You might need to straighten the cord, the needle length and overall length seem fine.

Dip the cord only into boiling water for a minute or two, then hold straight as it cools. That may help it from kinking.

I’ve been using 16" bamboo circs for my hat projects of late. I have been doing the casting on and ribbing with DPNs, as it just feels better to me until I get to the increases and the project can fit on the needles more comfortably.

Thanks to those who replyed to my question, I have ordered some new needles and will follow your suggestions.:cheering: :cheering: