Circular needles

Hello all!

I am brand new to circular knitting needles. I learned on straight needles, and never thought to try the circs until the lady at the LYS told me I would love them. So I bought a pair. I casted on…and started my project…and noticed the cord wouldn’t flatten out. So I go back to the LYS and the woman tells me to soak just the cord in hot water, then hold the needles straight out while they cooled to smooth the cord. Ok, so I luckily had a pair of straight needles in the same size as the circs, so I knitted on to a straight needle, and soaked the cord of the circs in hot water. Held them out straight while they cooled…and voila! The cord was nice and smooth, no kinks. So I start knitting with them again…and bam! After a while the cord starts to twist and kink again. Ugh…

So does anyone know how to smooth out the cord so that it doesn’t start to kink up and twist again???

Thank you! :slight_smile:

It may take a couple times heating them until they stay straight, plus the weight of the knitting on them will help.