Circular Needles

I am looking into buying a set of interchangeable circular knitting needles. I just bought a set of DPN on ebay and have discovered that I need a set (or two) of circulars if I want to start making larger projects in the round (hats/sweaters). I was wondering how likely it is for me to run into a situation where I need to use two circular knitting needles of the same size on a project (I want to start making clothing)? Also what kind of interchangeable needle sets are recommended?
Thank you so much for your help!

Oh dear… this is a subject that we get about 4 threads per month on. If you do a search with interchangeable or circular, you should be able to find several threads discussing the various ones.

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Here, I did the search for you: some of the threads we’ve had discussing this topic:

I think I was asking more about whether or not you needed two circular knitting needles to knit large diameter projects in the round. After reading a few posts I’ve found that you only need one circular needle to knit large projects in the round correct?

That’s basically correct. If you are knitting something that is huge you may need more than one, but circulars you can get all the way up to 60" and you can stuff an amazing # of stitches on a 24" or 32" those would be the most usable for average size sweater worked in the round.

It’s the needle in your right hand that dictates the size that you’re knitting with. So what I do when I need 2 cirs the same size is this: say I need 2 size 8’s. I’ll put one 8 tip on one end and a 6 on the other end. Same set up with my 2nd circ. then I make sure the end in my right hand is always one of the size 8 ends. That way I’m knitting with size 8. the smaller size is just holding stitches. By using 2 sizes smaller, I can easily tell if I’m using the larger end in my right hand.

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