Circular needles

Do I need special instructions to use circular needles, or do I cast on and knit just like the straight ones. I would like to knit an afghan, but being a fairly new knitter, circulars scare me.

They scared me too, but I love them now. I have a few addi’s, a set of denises and a set of boyes (I am a knit-ho), and I use them alot, even for projects that don’t require circulars. The nice thing about the sets is that you always have what you need.

The only problems I have had were as follows:
one time I inadvertently started knitting in the round…

knitting in the round again, used a circ too big (correction from previous post it was not an afghan)

When you knit flat with circs, there are not special instructions. Just turn your work and start going the other way as you would with two needles. If its a big afghan, use the longest circs you can find. If the afghan is large, it will be easier to bring the needle around without feeling crowded.