Circular Needles

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I bot myself some circular needles a bit ago and I want to knit something on them but I have a problem.
I know how to cast on… what I don’t know is how to join the two ends to make a circle so that I can get on with the knitting in the round.
Please help!


When knitting in the round the main thing you need to be careful of is that you don’t twist your stitches. Then you join by having the needle with the working yarn in your right hand and the other needle in the left. When you start knitting it joins the two sides.

Here’s the KH video for it and another link that should help you out so you are knitting on the outside of the circle.

You basically just knit the 2 ends together as Jan describes.

Its so easy–Its so hard!

1–what lenght are your circ?
very short (shorter than desired circumference of knitting) or very long (40 inches or so!) are the easiest.

with the short circ, its easy to make the stitches “meet up”

with the long circ, you will have “loops” (magic loops!) of the flexible cord exposed and the stitches in 2 bunches

The first round is the hardest (both physically and conceptually!)–but after that, its just knitting…
(i teach knitting and don’t tell my students we are going to be knitting in the round, i just make them do it… and suddenly they look at what they are doing and are amazed–
its that easy when you just do it and don’t over think it!