Circular Needles

I prefer the bamboo needles to warm my hand in winter. And i’d like my circular bamboo needles from

Someone mentioned the needle holder that come with the KnitPick interchangeable needles. If you check your local sporting goods store they often will have a Tackle Binder that is very similar. Bass Pro Shops has one online:

Web Page for this binder.

Make sure that you pick up extra pages for the cables and other odds and ends.

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These have my vote - I LOVE them! Lots of value for the money and an awesome selection of additional long cables you can add as you go.

To get a good tight fit when changing needles, I put the pin in the little hole and then use one of those rubbery circles you can get for opening jars, hold it over the needle and twist. Works great for un-twisting, too! I keep one in the case with my set.

Have fun “going 'round in circles!” :clink:


i use an Optimus Svea camp stove to straighten my addi Turbos
i get the flame a-kickin’ and then while holding the needles straight i run the cable back and forth through the flame (yes i said through) smoothly and quickly a couple of times then check to see if its still curling and check with my fingers to see if its cool enought to run again if nessecary once done i hand all my needles from peg in the wall so they just hang in half.

I love my Denise set, they are plastic, and store in the box in a way that they are not coiled. They are so convienient to use. If you decide to put a project aside you can take the needle tips off and put little end on to keep your work on the cable but use the needles for another project. I do prefer knitting with wood or bamboo though, the circular needles I bought before I got my set are bamboo, stitches don’t slide off the end accidentally. But Whichever way you go, the sets are better value then trying to collect one of each size. Have fun with them!:knitting: