Circular needles

I am very new to knitting. I love this site - it is so helpful. I am also new to forums so bear with me. My 1st question is this - can I use circular needles in any hat pattern instead of 2 needles & sewing a seam. I have just learned to use the circulars.

There’s several ways you can use circulars to make a hat. One is to use them exactly the same as you would the straight needles - back and forth, sew the seam.

And you can, at least to a degree, use them to knit a hat in the round. You’d need to pay attention to how long the needles are, and at the top of the head, you’d likely need to switch to double-pointed needles to finish up.

Hope this helps,

You can also knit small diameter items in the round with either two circulars or with just one. The one circ method is called ‘magic loop’. Check out the videos on this site for help.

Thanks to both of you. I am loving knitting but have a lot to learn!

You’re welcome- and learning is half the fun! :slight_smile: