Circular needles

Hi All,
About doing a project on circular needles. I have knitted before on them, but starting a new project.
It calls to cast on DPN’s which is fine. And then I need to transfer onto Circulars, which is fine.
What I am trying to do is a ending up with a rather large circular project. But here’s my question. The pattern calls for 48" circulars. But how many rounds do I have to do before I transfer them onto the circulars and if I had to, do I need multiple sizes of circulars to get up to the 48". It doesn’t say… :frowning:
Based on my experience you can’t do long length circulars until you have knitted enough so that the cord doesn’t twist and gets really tight.
What is the best advice to do when you have a project say a shawl and need to start on DPN’s and change to 48" circulars. Do I need to keep changing up circular sizes?
HELP! :smiley:

You change when the sts start falling off your dpns. You may want to use an intermediate size circ, but you can knit a smaller size with 48" ones. Look up Magic Loop on the Advanced Techniques page under Small Diameter Circular Knitting.

I’ve done as many as 536 sts. on size 13s -36" using a worsted and bulky weight. The project ended up being a little over 60" in diameter. It really depends on your yarn and you will know when it’s time to change up by how difficult it gets to work with the sts. I generally change up when I notice sts overlapping too much. Hope this helps. Mary

That’s true, you could always use a 36" needle and get lots of sts on it too.

You could do the entire thing on a large circ by just doing magic loop until it fits all the way around (you don’t even need to use the dpns).

Thanks ALL!!! Again great advice. I’ll look at that video once again and try it out! This is THEE best place for advice!