Circular Needles

Hi there! I literally just began knitting – an avid knitter friend taught me how while I taught her how to crochet. I’m absolutely loving it, and loving it more than crocheting, for some reason. Because my friend has tendonitis in her wrists, she uses circular needles; I liked how they looked and how the weight of the project rests on the wire part, instead of the back of the needle, saving my wrists.

The problem I am having is, not with knitting, but with purling, with these needles. I’ve looked at the videos (and oh dear god, are they helpful) but it seems I’m struggling to make a purl stitch with these needles since I can’t angle it down very well. They end up tight or just wrong entirely. Any advice on this?

I need to get this down before Saturday. I am driving across country with my father and I’d like to just be able to do the pattern I’m working on without thinking (since I won’t have a connection to the intarwebs!).

Thanks for your help!

I don’t have a problem with doing a purl, but it may be a difference in knitting style. What style do you do - english, continental, other?

I use continental, if that makes a huge difference. :slight_smile:

How long is the circular needle you’re using? I was thinking maybe you’re having trouble angling it down because the cable is really short. Maybe if you try a longer needle it will help?

I did think maybe it was too short a needle as well… And purling continental can be more difficult for some people. Try purling english style - some people knit conti/purl english. Or look at combined knitting at

The cable is really short. When I try to angle it down, it basically won’t let me. I’ll go to AC Moore today and see if I can snag a longer one.

I really prefer the continental knitting style, but I’ll try the English purling.

Thanks so much!

If you’re going to get a longer needle, then you don’t need to switch purling styles. After you’ve been knitting a while, it’ll be easier and you probably won’t have as much problem with the short needles then.

Continental knit/english purl is working great. I have to switch hands when holding the yarn, but it solved a lot of problems.

Thanks so much!

Oh good, I’m glad you found a solution that works.