Circular needles

I have a hat pattern that calls for a 16’ and 24’’ circular needles. I have been to two yarn stores and found the 16" but the only size I can find for the 24" is a 29". Will this work since it is 5"s larger? I am not experienced in knitting with circs but think I can do it with the help of the videos here.

If you can’t find a size 24" the best thing to do would be to use the size smaller then the 24" that way you don’t stretch the knitting trying to knit in the round on a bigger size circular.

Why do you need a 29" for a hat? If it’s to do magic loop at the top when the knitting is too small to fit the 16" you can do that with the 24". Or use both the 16 and 24.

I don’t have a 24" Maybe I should do the whole hat with a 16". I’m wondering if they don’t make the 24" anymore. Couldn’t find it at Michaels or Jo-annes.

Never mind everyone, I found a 24" on the internet at elann. I’ll just send for it. Thanks.

They definitely make 24" needles, they’re just not as readily available, though I’ve seen some at Michaels and Joann’s. I meant to say that if the longer needle is for doing the ML at the top of the hat, the 29" will work just as well. I got myself confused…

I think the 16" would be fine. I make hats all the time and that is what I use. I cast on 80 for reg and 88 for large.

I’ve been making chemo caps and I use all thicknesses of yarn and so far the 16" has worked with them all.

I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to finding circs. There are 3 places in town, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns and the LYS. If I want to make something, I better plan WAY ahead and start looking for circs, otherwise I just sit and stew. I’m about ready to buy interchanagables, but I’m not sure about which ones to buy - too many opinions on which is best.

Good luck!

I have found that AC Moore, JoAnn, and Michael does not carry a 24 inch - I am lucky to have a small yarn shop near me and go there for all supplies and questions. Have you looked to see if there is a shop near you?

I would also see if you can try out interchangeables - lots of people love them I did not and just gave my set away.