Circular needles


I’m new. Can I use circular needles to make a small baby blanket, or are they only used if you want to make a tube?


I’m making my first baby blanket on circulars, you just don’t join the ends to make a tube, you turn it back and forth to work each side.

Liznwillow had good pictures of a baby blanket in progress on circulars here…

Oh my, I’m in the process of switching all of my single point needles to circs! I will, of course have my dpns and will keep my single points, but will eventually be knitting exclusively with circs…they are very easy to keep up with when u are knitting with them…lol :wink:

thanks ladies for your quick posts!

I have been knitting for about 7 months, but have only made baby booties and scarfs. I found a baby blanket pattern that has bobbles around the edges, very cute! I just haven’t ever used circs before!

Happy Kitting!!