Circular Needles

The hat I would like to knit requires that I cast on 264 stitches to make a ruffled brim, decreasing down to 66 stitches after the brim is completed. The pattern calls for using 16-inch circular needles. I am having trouble casting on that many stitches on 16-inch circular needles. I’m wondering if I could knit the brim on 24-inch circular needles, and once I’ve decreased down to 66 stitches, could I begin knitting the next round on 16-inch circular needles? I’m new to knitting in the round and can’t picture in my mind what would happen to the “tube” if I changed from one circular needle to another. Any help would be appreciated.

Sure, that will work fine.

Once you get to the point where the stitches are stretched too much for the 24s, just start knitting with the 16".

First, hello to everyone. I am a new registrant and am looking forward to a positive exchange. For years, I have deliberately stayed away from knitting in the round with circular needles. However, I found a baby jumper that I couldn’t resist. I need to add a new color (an alternating strip pattern) AND a larger circular needle size. Which joining method would you suggest?

To simply join, you just CO and begin knitting. Other methods are to swap the first and last CO sts, or to CO 1 extra stich and knit it together with the 1st CO sts.