Circular needles

could someone help me. how do you get the circular needles to quit curling. it is awfully hard to knit when they keep curling up on you.

Stick them in boiling water.

I’ve not done this before, so I can’t speak to its efficacy from personal experience. But I’ve read that it’s supposed to help. Good Luck!

YEah the trick is to get them hot and then stretch them out. Let them cool in their stretched out position and they should stay flat for you. (I had to do this with tons of yardage of plastic tubing for a renaissance hoop skirt a few years ago. Kind of a pain, but not too bad for you since circs are pretty small considering :wink: )

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thank you so much for the help. the boiling water instead of the warm water was really the thing to do. appreciate it :lol: