Circular Needles

Hi everyone. I’m new to knitting, and I have a problem…

So I’m making a shawl for my MIL, and it’s knit on circular needles (though back and forth–I assume this is because of the number of stitches on the needle). But being a new knitter, and cheap :hmm: , I bought the least expensive circ needles I could find. I know, I know, you get what you pay for! :doh:

Anyway, no problem with the connect point between the needle and the circular part, it’s smooth enough. The problem is with the flexible nylon part (I’m sure there is a name for this, but it escapes me, sorry). I ran it under boiling water for a couple of minutes to work the kinks out before I cast on, but two days later, it’s just as stiff and unflexible as it was before I started. So my question is, if I spring for a more expensive set, will I still have this problem? And if not, do you have a recommended brand?

Thank you all for your advice here, I really appreciate it.


Ooh. Bummer. Any other type of needles would probably work. What was the brand name of yours, if it had one?

There are Knit Picks Options, Addis, and Denise Interchangeables that would all be more flexible than most other brands. I would suggest them in that order as well. The knit picks and denise needles are both interchangeable so you will have a higher dollar output to begin with but you get several sets of needles in that price. And one thing to remember when considering needle costs, is that you will likely use them over and over again so the cost can really be broken down over the life of the needle. :slight_smile:

I use cheap Boyes and once you get enough stitches and weight on them the stiffness kind of “gives.” I tried straightening a pair once. It made it harder to knit with because instead of it coiling outwards and out of my way, it went straight down and I had to hold my hands up higher to knit with them.

These are Boyes, actually. I took a look at the KnitPicks options, and I think I will have to make a small investment. They look pretty good.

Debinoz, I’m actually finding that the longer this piece gets, the more trouble I am having with it. But like I said, I’m new, so as a general rule, all of knitting is awkward for me.

Thanks for the help, everyone!


Oh definitely invest. I have only the size eight options right now but when I had to use another size circ this week I was like what on earth is wrong. Finally donned on me that the options cable had spoiled me for anything else!

BEST PURCHASE EVER!!![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] It replaced most
of my straight needles and I can take it on an airplane,
no problems. :yay: