Circular needles

I just bought a few new sets of circular needles as the ones I had came free with a magazine and were nasty plastic jobs that kept falling apart. I only got a few sizes but I guessed the lengths as I wanted them for finishing a collar of my aran jumper. I was just wondering what length are the needles used for socks, the shortest I found were 60cm and they’re way too long. I’ve only done socks on DPNs and I thought circulars might be fun for a change…

You won’t be able to do socks on short circulars because they just don’t make them that small. However, the long ones do fine in the Magic Loop method, they’d need to be at least about 80cm I think.


longer circ’s rather than shorter ones are better for socks!

its hard to work with very short lenght circular needles…

but if you learn magic loop, and use a 1 meter (or so, or longer!) long needle, its quite easy. or use 2 circs,and then 24 inches (60cm?or so to 90cm (32inches) are good lenghts.

i tend to do socks 2 at time on 2 circ’s --most of my circs are between 24 and 32 inches long, and i didn’t want to buy new ones. but i have set of size 1’s (2.25mm) that are 1 metre long, and i use these for magic loop)