Circular needles

Ok I have never used these before and I purchased a pair yesterday for the felted bag I want to make. However, the ones I bought are size 10 and 32 inches. The pattern says size 10 16 inches. Can I still use these or do I have to go and find 16 inch ones?

Thanks! :heart:

I think you could at least try the 10" ones. Your work might be crowded, but it’s worth a shot before you buy others.

If you will be knitting in the round for the pattern you will need to find the 16" ones! The stitches will be connected - so unless they can stretch around the 32" ones you’ll be out of luck :frowning: But, who needs an excuse to buy more needles :?? Good luck!

Thanks I was thinking I was going to have to go back. I’ll have to try a different store.


maybe they will let you swap them out???

just a thought
my LYS does that