Circular needles

Is there a trick to getting the kink out of em?

Do you mean the curl? If you dip them in really hot water and then straighten them out, that’s supposed to help uncurl them.

hot hot hot water. Dip them in for a little bit and then stretch. It will never go completely away but it does help. once you get the work on it for a little bit it does get better.

also, Addis and Denises and some others i think have really great cords that don’t get quite as kinked!

Welllll, I meant kink, but curl will suffice :wink:

Thanks for the tips…I’ll try the hot water trick.

I’ve never had a kink, so I wasn’t sure. :wink:

Dip in warm water then weight down straight while they cool. If they are wood/bamboo, then keep the wood out of the water.

The new Lantern Moon circulars will not have a kinky cord memory (they will uncurl on their own).