Circular Needles Twisting

I’m knitting a baby afghan (for my 17th great-grandchild!!), using KnitPicks interchangeable needles and 210 stitches in baby yarn. The finished afghan will be about 38 x 38 inches and I have about 22 inches done so far. My problem is that while the KnitPicks needles are 'way better than the Walmart variety, as the work gets longer the nylon cable twists or kinks about every eight rows (two pattern repeats), and I have to take it off the needles to straighten the twists.

Is this twisting typical of circular needles, or am I doing something wrong here? – and does anyone know if there is a way to prevent this from happening?

PS: I’m a newbie to, and I do love this website!

I’m no expert, but maybe the cable is too long for your project. Once you have cast on, the knitted piece should cover almost all of the cable and be able to skooch (technical term!) up to the points of your needles. you should have just enough cable outside of your knitting to comfortably maneuver your needles. Also, You should be able to untwist your cable with the stitches on it. Think of the circular needle as one long bendy double pointed needle. Try switching sizes and wait for an expert to chime in. Good luck on your project! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back to straight needles again!!

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Welcome! How long is your cable? (the length is measured needle tip to needle tip) It’s possible it just the way you are turning your work. Since it’s knit flat make sure that there are no kinks before you start knitting the next row. If you’re new to circulars it might just take some more practice in how to hold them. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your tips, ericafel and Jan_in_Ca. I am relatively new to circulars, and it could be either the cable too long or the way I’m turning my work, or maybe both. I have carpel tunnel in my left wrist and can’t use straight needles for this work, so I’ll keep trying with the circulars. And thank you both, again. :smiley: