Circular Needles Trouble :(

Hey. I’m new to knitting and I am experiencing so much trouble with circular needles.
I’m trying to knit a hat. The pattern calls for size 8 needles and medium sized yarn.
They wanted me to cast on 86 stitches. I feel the overall circumference of the 16 inch circular needles is greater and thus when I’m doing 1x1 ribbing it’s stretching my project. And so I feel my project is really loose.
What should I do?

I can offer two options. Use a much longer circular with the magic loop method.


Use two sets of circular needles at the same time.

Your work looks fine to me…it might look stretched out and loose but as long as you keep your tension as close to even as possible it’ll look great. My issue with circular needles is laddering but I get that with DPNs, I believe that’s a tension issue on my part though.

Did you do a gauge swatch?

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I did not. Do we need a gauge swatch for every project we start :frowning:
I tried to use the yarn and needles closest to the pattern. I do know how I knit also has a huge role to play.
But I get really lazy doing a gauge swatch :stuck_out_tongue:
Its improved as the rows have progressed so maybe it’s a first few row thing!??

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You don’t always need a gauge swatch but they do helpyou in determining the finished size of your project. I don’t always do them either, lie with the baby pantsI’m knitting but sometimes I do when it’s something I really want to fit right. Your finished project size really is determined by how tight or loose you keep tension.