Circular needles size?

I am knitting in the round for the first time, or trying to, but my stitches don’t reach around on the needles I got today at JoAnn’s. Obviously I need smaller circulars, but do they come smaller? These are the only size 9’s I saw. Should I go to a specialized knitting store, or do I need to use double pointed needles? In which case I still have to go somewhere else because I didn’t see size 9 dbls either.

You probably have a 29", that’s pretty standard, but they also come in 24 and 16" lengths, which may or may not be available at Joanns. You can either CO more stitches for the one you have, or get a shorter needle which you can find at a knitting/yarn store.

Different lengths are used for different things. You need a variety of sizes which is why a lot of use interchangeable needle sets.