Circular Needles question

Where is a good place to find 16" circular needles?

Thanks in advance. :thinking:

16" circulars are a very common length. You should be able to find them at any local yarn shop, Michaels, Joanns, or any other craft store that sells knitting supplies.

If you plan on checking Michaels, call first. The stores near me only carry 29" circulars. Joann’s does have them in bamboo in a variety needles size.


Uh, HELLO?!!! High-quality used needles, excellent customer service, and NO S&H! Tara is one of our own here at KH, CarolOH. She has 16" in her inventory right now.

Good idea! Taraknits.

Also: my Michaels only carried 29" also! Boo-hiss!

That’s Michaels for you!

I ended up having to get my 16 in circs at Tall Mouse, but I did see some 16s today at Michaels in the bamboo section. They weren’t there when I was looking for them though. :rollseyes:

I ordered some today, but, of course, that doesn’t help if u need them right away :frowning: