Circular needles question

Hello, I am starting to lose my fear of circular needles :slight_smile: Although I haven’t tried them yet …

Anyway, I was browsing online and came across "knit knack kit"

It seems to be a kit (minus the yarn, I’m sure they wouldn’t have splurged and put in nice non-acrylic yarn anyway) that has circular needles, stitch markers, a few other supplies, and a dozen or so project cards to use the circular needles with.

Now the kit got mixed reviews on the instructional matter, but I can cast on, knit, purl, and bind off very comfortably on straight needles. I am currently making dish clothes for mother’s day. One has a cat on it, the other a dog. Then I’ll make some striped ones ( for the patterns)

Anyway, basically my question is this: has anyone tried this kit? I thought it might be good to buy a kit with circular needles with circular needle project cards already included.

OR should I just buy my own circular needles and scrouge around for patterns? I definitely want something simple to try on the circular needles (no scarves please!) and like the idea of seamless knitting, in case I ever get brave and try to make a sweater, fancier hat, or mittens/gloves.

What do y’all think?


i have bought one kit and felt that i wasted my money because the patterns weren’t that great and the majority of it was instructional stuff i didn’t need. I say spend the money on the needles and some yarn you will really love and look for a pattern. There are lots of them available of course and you will find something you really like! If you want to make a hat in the round get a 16 inch circ in whatever size (actually find the pattern first THEN get the needles! :rofling: ) you need.

Thanks, anyone have some direct links for “tried and true” advanced beginner patterns for knitting in the round?

As a side note, I did buy one kit. I bought the Klutz Knitting kit and found the instructions to be super. The projects were eh, a scarf, a purse, a cell phone cozey, a small wallet, and something else, there were six total. It came with somewhat “nice” acrylic yarn that I use for practicing. It came with size 8 wood/bamboo straight needles, a yarn needle, crochet hook and 2 buttons. Not bad.

The 1st thing that I ever knit in the round with circular needles was a hat, I just found this cute hat pattern. There are LOTS of hat (& many other) patterns here. Is there something specific that you are looking for? Also, when you get circular needles, you can use them just as u use straight needles…I no longer use my single point needles, I just use circular needles, whether knitting in the round or back & forth :smiley: