Circular needles Q

I feel very stupid… :aww:

I’m trying to knit a cardigan for my imminent arrival. Link to pattern. I’m only on row 2 and confused!!

This is my first time using circular needles… to begin row 2… do I swap the needles in my hands like I would with normal needles, or do I slide all the sts along the wire back onto the left-hand needle and knit from the same end I started with on row 1? Does that make sense?!

Swap the needles in your hands and knit back and forth. It is a cardigan so would be knit “flat”.

Sorry to be stupid… what’s the point of the wire between the 2 pins then?

It holds all the stitches. You can fit more stitches on a circular than you can on straight needles. It’s also more convenient when you put your knitting away. You can slide your knitting onto the cable and it’s less likely to slide off the ends of the needles.
You are knitting the baby jacket all in one piece and will probably end up with more stitches than will comfortably fit on straight needles. With bigger projects the weight of your knitting will also make it difficult to support it on straights. With circulars the bulk of your knitting will rest on your lap.

Ahhhh I really appreciate that input. Thank you!