Circular needles problem

Hi everyone,

I am a new member here and I’m working on a project with round knitting needles. I’ve been knitting a hat and it’s come along quite nicely but now I’ve run into a problem. :frowning:

I have been decreasing the stitches on the needles, and now there are so few I’ve slid them right onto the cable once they are cast off the left needle. Now when they come to the left side of the cable, they do not slide onto the needle, as the cable is smaller than the needle and the stitch was pulled tight while it was on the cable. Now I am struggling to even get the stitches onto the left needle, let alone cast off onto the right one.

I’ve tried searches but nothing seems to answer my question. Do you have any ideas or tips for loosening the stitches a little to get them onto the left needle?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

You may want to go back and undo the cast off and not pull the stitches so tight. Or take your working yarn and loosen some of the sts attached to it, all the way around until you can push those sts up on the needle. Don’t pull the yarn when you make a stitch; knitting into the next one will tighten them up. In general when you make a tight stitch, it stretches out the yarn while its on the needle, but when the st moves to the cord it will relax. So try not to knit them so tight.

When you are working on a circular needle and you are decreasing stitches you often come to the point where you cannot continue around the circle because you have too few stitches to comfortably stretch around the needle. I think that is what you are saying is happening to you. This is common, for instance, at the top of a hat.

You have several options that will help you to complete the project. If you have another circular needle of the same size but of any length you can start a new round with the new needle and knit about half of the stitches with it, then knit the rest with the needle you were using. The trick is to work the stitches on one of the two needles with the other end of the same needle each time.

Or you can use double pointed needles of the same size as your circular. If you do that just start working stitches off onto the dpns one at a time. You usually use a set of 4 or 5. If you use 4 divide the stitches over 3 needles and knit with the 4th. With 5 divide over 4 and knit with the 5th.

You can also do a modified Magic Loop technique. I know it works but have never done it. You’d have to look that one up. Or use a Magic Loop. I can’t describe it either, but I believe it is in the video section under advanced techniques, as are the other things I’ve mentioned (maybe not the modified Magic Loop). If you want to find information about modified ML I think you can Google it or probably find a video on you-tube about it.

I started to reply much the same thing, but it’s possible she really does mean the sts are tight and won’t move from the cord to the needle. A little more information would help though.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your input. Suzeeq was right, the stitches were too tight and wouldn’t move from the cord to the needle. After wrestling with the stitches and a crochet hook, however, I managed to get them back on. My first attempt at a hat looked more like an oversized yarmulke, but I just finished my second attempt yesterday on straight needles and it came out great!