Circular Needles Management!

Well, other than stash management, what else could I tackle in 2006?
CIRCULAR NEEDLES management! I purchased 6 circular needle cases in 2006: 3 high-priced :verysad: cases from my LYS, and 3 inexpensive :hug: yet high quality cases from a gal who has an Ebay shop called Frizzlechick’s Creations. Her name is Sara, and her needle cases are pretty, darling, beautiful, well-made, and inexpensive! My 3 circ needle cases are rose toile, french blue toile and green toile. A couple days ago, I contacted her through her Ebay shop and asked if she could list a black Toile needle case for dp’s only. Voila! Today she emailed me that the Black Toile is up on Ebay! It was only $13 plus $2 shipping! I highly recommend her items! I love mine, and her shipping and service is excellent! By having different fabrics for the needle cases, I can tell at a glance which needle case to pull out of my bag! Here is her link:

AKA: Organized & Outfitted for another year of knitting in 2007!

Art Lady

oh well see…i thought you were asking HOW to do it and i went searching for my pic before I even read your post…i am afraid to click…i am a sucker for pretty fabric!

Since I went looking I am posting anyway…hmph! :wink:

I don’t have to manage mine - they’ve mostly all got yarn on them. The ones that don’t live in a shoe box.


I love my circular solutions canvas thingamabob. I’ve got all of them. Worth every penny.

I thought about the ‘over the door’ circ needle holder…it seems really neato…but, and I want the needles within easy reach in my bag at my feet. Thanks all for the input.