Circular Needles - length question

Ok so in my haste to knit something in the round - anything.
I went to the store and purchased 2 sets of circular needles.

both 29" one pair is a size 8 (US) the 2nd is a size 10(US)

Question is … can I knit a hat for adult male (with a big noggin) on either of these needles?

Do they need to be smaller than the finished product?
For example I just saw a pattern that called for 16" needles for a womans hat that is 20"

Do I have to go back to the craft store?

Those are way too long to knit a hat using the standard technique. You could try the Magic Loop technique but I think they’re really too short for that.

You need to have 16" for hats, or two circs of the same size and use the two circs method, or one of a longer length and use Magic Loop.

Clear as mud? :teehee:

Not a bad thing really… :slight_smile:

so then what would you use the 29" needles for?

Could you do the body of a sweater?

Wait - You can do flat knitting with circular needles too?

So I could use the 29" needles to do a blanket?

I will be dangerous when I figure out how to knit.

Yes, I use circs for everything, hats, scarves, sweaters and 29" is a good length. Look at the video under Advanced techniques, Small diameter knitting to learn how Magic Loop works. Then find yourself a hat pattern and go for it.

Yes, circular needles are great for flat knitting too and the 29 incher will work for a lot of things. Very nice needle to have.