Circular needles knitting

Ideas most needed. First time knitting on circular needles. Problem is the end stitches are way to big. I am slipping the beginning stitch(not working) but still coming out huge. Any pointers??

Are you knitting in the round or knitting flat on circular needles?

If you’re knitting in the round you don’t need slip the first stitch. If you are knitting flat how are you slipping them? You may just need to practice to get the tension right.

It sounds like you mean that this is your first time knitting in the round on circulars.

Certainly, you will get better with practice. One thing that I do (and several people told me to do this) is to pull extra tight. I don’t slip the first stitch, I just follow the pattern, but I always pull extra hard on the first 3 or 4 stitches past the join. For me, it helps prevent loose loops on the end and the “laddering” effect.

Are you knitting around on shorter circulars, or using Magic Loop? If you are using Magic Loop, I might have a few more pointers for you.

Yes, Jan is right. Sounds like you just have a tension thing going on. Assuming you are working rows back and forth instead of working a big tube-like thing in the round, you do it exactly the same as you would on the ordinary 2 knitting needles.

It’s usually not necessary to slip the first/last sts unless your directions specifically tell you to. Just work your stitches with your usual tension on the ends of your circular needle - the parts where it’s the regular size of knitting needle instead of the line that connects the two needles.

And if you’re knitting/working in the round, that just means you have like a never-ending row going on there. But a lot of instructions make you have a beginning/end point on your circular tube… this is easy to do: just take a strand of contrasting-color yarn and weave it in and out every other row between the stitch you designate as the First and the stitch you designate as the Last.

Hope this helps,