Circular needles. Knitting a double stockinette afghan

Ok. I’m still learning the why’s! Ty!

I edited my comment above. Each row ends with a slipped stitch. I’m sorry about that.

Now I’m curious!! What kinds of projects can u make with this stitch??


I guess anything you want to make thicker or cozy. My throw will feel very squishy😊

@knitcindy I made a scarf in Hometown USA yarn. I wanted it stockinette and I wanted it to not curl up. The flair on the ends when I finished in rib (a single layer) is on purpose. I think it could make make comfy slippers too but I’d work a tighter stitch.

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Glove fingers on straight needles is a practical use for single strand double knitting (double stockinette) because of no ladders.
Because of having to slip each stitch I think 2 strand double knitting would be a faster way for anything larger. (But I am biased towards DK.)

Here’s another question. When I knit an afghan I usually use 2 strands of worsted weight yarn on size 13 needle. I cast on somewhere between 110 - 120 sts.

So if I wanted to use this st, would I need to double the amount of sts and cast on 220??
Sounds like it would take forever to finish. What do u think, is it worth it?


I don’t know, @knitcindy. I’d have to do swatch and see.

Working it may affect your gauge but you’ll be close by doubling the number of sts. Half the number will end up on each side.

Can someone send me a link of how to cast on stitches,quickly!!! I take forever to cast on and need to do a faster technique. Ty

The fastest method is the thumb method but i find that the first row is too loose for me. There are so many that you might want to chech out u tube and see which fits for you.

Hi rosemacdonald!

Which method do u currently use? I use the Long tail cast on every time. Haven’t really tried any others.


I mostly use the long tail cast on. There are others but ltco is fast and easy once you get the hang of it. For that many stitches you might want to use two yarn ends joined with a slip knot. Place the knot on the needle then do your cast on. Don’t knit the slip knot; just slide it off the needle when you’ve worked the first row. It’s really frustrating to end up a few stitches short and run out of yarn for casting on or to have a yard long tail left.

How to Cast On Stitches

Depends on how you look at it.
For me being used to double knitting it was the slipping that made it slow going.
Tie another strand on and purl instead of slipping then each motion is moving you forward and once you get used to it it’s as fast as any K1P1, but you have to consider you’re knitting 2 of whatever you’re making.
For a blanket and using 2 strands (count your use of 2 strands as 1 strand) instead of slipping I think having a 2 sided warm blanket would be more worth it than knitting 2 blankets and layering.

I love the idea of double knitting but managing two yarns is not working for me. I’ll try again.

The stranding guides help. What would really help is something to hold even tension on the strands, that’s something single strand doesn’t have an issue with, or purl vs knit differences.

I like your stranding guide, Mike. I’ve used my index finger and thumb to hold both yarns slightly apart from each other as I knit and purled both sides on each row.
I liked the story about Lou Hoover and enjoyed making her blanket.

I’d like to make a DK blanket, but it would have to be small and my dogs always end up with those.