Circular needles. Knitting a double stockinette afghan

I have 60 stitches on but not quite sure where to begin. Do i have the working yarn on the right or left when I begin? And. I. Afraid I’m going to connect the stitches so how do I avoid that? Ty!!


I’m not sure what a double stockinette afghan is. If u could explain that it would be helpful!


To get started, you hold the needle with the working yarn in your left hand. That’s something that’s extremely helpful to remember, especially if you put your knitting down in the middle of a row. Always have
the working yarn coming from the left hand needle.

When I’m knitting on circular needles I sometimes tie a circle of yarn in between the beginning and end of my rows. Don’t make a “tight” circle, about as big around as a quarter. That way when u finish a row, you will see this and know to stop. Then turn the needles around and start the next row!


It’s just a stitch im doing that looks exact on the right and wrong side.

Double knitting? Unless you’re making 2 items you want to separate when finished, linking the two sides can be beneficial. When you swap color/sides you will link the fabrics. Swapping colors often seems to be beneficial to getting the same sizes.

The yarn you’re not knitting is carried behind the stitch you want to be out.
Knitting on both sides is carrying the yarns together and picking the yarn for that side off your finger (note that from your point of view you are purling the other side and that is with both yarns towards you). You purl the other side’s stitch, this side’s yarn goes behind it to push it to that side, purl towards you, knit out. Both yarns to the back, you knit this side’s stitch, the other side’s yarn is behind it to push it forward.

You can use 2 fingers or pick off one finger or use a color stranding guide. If using one finger or a guide you can swap the position of the yarns for color changes or you can pick the yarn you want over or under the other.

Ok. Out of curiosity if u start with the working yarn on the right needle, is that when it forms a circle? Thiscwill be my first project so I hope it comes our right. Do u think 60 stitches will be wide enough?

You don’t want a circle for an afghan, unless you’re not double knitting and knitting a tube that you will lay flat. You can knit back and forth with circular needles.
If you want to make a tube cast on an extra stitch, slip that over to the other end and K2tog for the first stitch. Then you just knit round and round.

Before you’ve made a stitch or after turning the yarn comes off the left needle. After you’ve made the first stitch in a row the yarn comes off the right needle.

No 60 stitches probably isn’t enough for an afghan unless you’re making squares to stitch together later. Do you have a link to the pattern to better understand what you are doing?

I’m sorry you totally confused me 100 prevent. Im A new knitter. I was told if I wanted the triangular looking stitch on both sides, that I can do double stockinette. Which is knit 1, move yarn as if u are going to purl , and slip instead. Do that throughout until done. It makes for a thicker blanket

I’ve never heard of it called that. I’m not sure how that would work. Sounds like you’re increasing so unless you decrease or switch to double knitting (which is how you can start double knitting) I don’t think that would put a stitch only on each side.

How many strands of yarn are you working with?
If you are double knitting I can take pictures when I get back.

To put 60 stitches in perspective my worsted hats are 84-132 stitches.

All that stitch is is when the back and front of pattern looks the same. Same look in both sides. There are not 2 yarns used together. I’m sorry but I’m really confused by the way you are describing things to me.

Can you tell us the name of the pattern or give us a link to a photo?

You had me confused.

I found a video

I’ll have to try it but I think that is what I was told is a type of double knitting (thus where my confusion came from). (OK tried enough, it is like double knitting to make a tube on straight needles but without rearranging the cast on to make a tube.)
Just knit one slip one, turn, knit one slip one. About the only way you can connect stitches is to not bring the yarn forward before slipping or knit 2 together or start off on the wrong stitch.

Because it’s double knitting you need twice as many stitches. Your 60 stitches will only be for 30 stitches each side.
Personally I found the knit one slip one and K1 P1 yarn carry to be tedious when I tried to figure out how to make a sock like that.

Here is part of the pic

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My project has 60 stitches it will look fine. It’s just going to be a throw blanket. Nothing huge

Your knitting looks good. And I knew what you meant by double stockinette. I actually just finished a scarf worked this way done in bulky yarn and it’s sooooooooooooo squooshy. I want to keep it. Your throw will be very nice. I think this is an excellent stitch for a beginner too.

As long as you remember to turn at the end of each row and move the yarn to the front when slipping stitches, all will be good. It’s possible to fix a mistake without frogging (ripping out) your work so if you run into a problem be sure to ask before you start undoing everything.

You should be able to get a pretty good idea already of how wide this throw will be. If you want it a different width you would need to restart.

Thank you. It’s not as wide as I like it will be a smaller type throw. If I run into any prob I will be sure to ask. Ty all

I’m just curious. If I begin a knot stitch on one row, do I begin the next row with the slip purl stitch? Because the look I want to aquire doesn’t really look like the double stockinette stitch

Hi there GG!! What is this stitch called and where can I find out how to do it??



I see that Mike already posted a link. lol

What look are you going for? Double stockinette is worked on an even number of stitches so each row begins with a knit and ends with a slipped stitch not a purl.