Circular needles: how to knit a small baby hat with 29" needles?

Since the thermometer has dropped a few degrees I am very anxious to start knitting a couple of baby hats for my brand new grandchildren. I found yarn in my stash but, alas, all my circular needles are 29" long. Is there a way to use these long needles for knitting little rounds instead of DPNs (which is a little more cumbersome)? Thank you much for any advice!

Welcome to KH Angelika!

There sure is a way to use 29" needles… magic loop! You may have to do single loop instead of the usual double loop, but it can be done. You can also use two circular needles if you have another one. Whichever works for you.

Magic Loop

Single loop aka traveling loop

Hello, dear Jan in CA (I used to be Ang in CA),
California, not Canada, that is.

How can I thank thee? Not only did you provide me with a superduper solution to my little circular needle problem, you also replied so quickly and made my knitting session so rewarding and enjoyable!!!

I followed the YouTube video – 1 video = 1,000 words – and got it in no time! It’s amazing how something so simple was so difficult, or impossible, for me to figure out. Only excuse is that my knitting basket & supplies had been hibernating all summer long; and this afternoon I saw this really cute hat pattern which of course I had to try right away! And it worked!!! Thanks to your quick advice!

I’ll have to keep an eye on this wonderful website and its forums and helpful members and continue to improve my knitting skills! Thank you all!


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You’re welcome Angelika! Can’t wait to see pics!