Circular Needles....HELP!

Ok, so this is my second time attempting the circulars. Last time all my stitches got all twisted. Does anybody have any tips about that? And my needles are still new, so the wire is still in the circle kinda thing. Are they supposed to be like that, or am I supposed to get it out somehow? Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

Ok so for the curly cable … depending on the brand they sort of get a memory for the shape they have been kept in for longest. You can relax them slightly by givving them a quick soak in hot water and then holding them straight.

When you say all your stitches get twisted how do you meen?
do you meen they spiral aroundd your needle? this can happen sometimes especially when you have just cast on. You want to try and make sure that when you loop the needles around ready to join that all the stitches of the cast on edge are pointing into the middle. When you have joined your work and start knitting then they may scoot around a little but the join will meen they dont spiral. just take it slowely, hold it firm and periodically straighted the stitches.

I personally think that my circulars are evil lol. Well, in answer to your question, when I cast on, they just kept twisting everywhere. I managed to get past that, but now I can’t get the yarn on the needles. They’re these fat kinda needles(I forget what size, and like an idiot I decided to throw the paper that says what size they are away). So I can get the the yarn to the pointed part of the needle, but they don’t go too much further. I don’t know if I cast on to tightly or what. I tried my best to cast on loosely, but I guess that didn’t work. Anyway, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

I highly recommend the Susan Bates Silverado or the Inox brand of circular needles. The cables are much more flexible and don’t need any specail treatment to keep them from curling. The Susan Bates Silverado needles are reasonably priced at and the Inox needles are available at Both brands are idendical so I suspect they are made by the same company. If you want to spend more, you can get Addi’s at or try your luck on Ebay.

Another thing I like about the Silverado and Inox needles is that the needle size is right on the needle. You have to look close in good light, but the size is right there sort of like lightly engraved or something since the needle surface is still smooth and doesn’t interfere with the stitches.

That sounds like you’ve got too long a cable for the amount of stitches you’re knitting with. If you have interchangeable needles, try a shorter cable and cast on again. When you join, as Tarrantella said, make sure that the cast on edge points to the middle. Then, slowly join and knit the first round. Once you’ve got a few rounds going it should straighten out. Practice, practice, practice.

Try casting on a bigger needle (size, not length) and then switch to the correct size. I always do that, no matter if it’s circs, straights or dpns. I cast on loosely, but somehow, it’s never loose enough! As for the twisting sts-- I knit flat, as if I were using 2 straights, for a few rows and then join in a circle. It’s so much easier to keep them from twisting once you have a little fabric to work with . You will end up with a slight gap, but you just sew that up with the remainging cast on tail when you’re through. What brand did you get? Also, there are needle sizers out there, to check because a lot of brands don’t have the size embossed on the needle.

So I can get the the yarn to the pointed part of the needle, but they don’t go too much further. I don’t know if I cast on to tightly or what.

Don’t make the CO or the sts at the very tips, put the whole tapered part through and wrap the yarn around the largest part.

Ok, I’m definitely going to looking getting some of those:thumbsup:

Ok. I don’t have interchangeable needles, but I was looking at those online, and they look really neat. I’m going to ask for some of those for christmas!!! :mrgreen:

That sounds like an awesome idea, the only thing is, I only have one pair of circulars. But I do have a ton of straight needles. If I had a larger pair of those, could I cast on from them, and then knit from the circulars? I believe that the brand of needles that I got are Boye. The kind that wal-mart carries, lol. Goodness knows they don’t have much of a selection. Ok, needle sizers. Let me google that after I get done with this. :thumbsup:

Ok, that’s a really great idea! I didn’t pay attention to what part of the needle I was casting on with, but I might have done it with the tip.

Thank you guys so much for all the help! You guys totally rock!! :mrgreen: :muah: :grphug: :cheering: :yay:

I’m trying to picture this and having a hard time. What do you do about the few rows you knitted flat? Won’t there be a gap on top of where you joined? Do you have to sew that together?

Yes you’d have to go back and sew that short seam together later. Just use the tail from the beginning cast on to seam it up.

A very stiff cable will twist and be hard to use. If you can afford to get a brand with a good, flexible cable you won’t regret spending the money. KnitPicks and Addi are probably the best for that but I get ChiaoGoo when I’m really broke.