Circular needles, Help!

How do you prevent circular needles (the nylon part) from staying wound up. I tried putting them under hot water and stretching them but they don’t want to stay.
Thank you!

i pour boiling water into a bowl, then dip my cables into the boiling water for about 30 seconds - you should see them ‘soften up’. Then let one end dangle, so as it cools it cools straight… always works for me.

Depending on what they’re made of, some you have to rinse and repeat. If they’re Boye’s or Clover’s, the cables are a stiffer plastic/resin with more “memory” to recoil back. The cadillac of needles, Addi’s have little or no memory and so they don’t bind up. Bryspun circs are an economical bet that have nice plyable cables. For interchangeables, Denises and the KP Options are well reviewed on the site. A lot of us store our needles in such a way that we don’t recoil them into their packages and instead sort of let them hang to encourage straightening of the cable. It’s just a necessary evil one deals with. The more length you get to a project, such as if you are knitting a blanket or whatever, the more weight will pull and smooth out he cable during your project for what that’s worth.

Thank you both…I will give it a try!

[color=indigo]I also store mine hanging so they don’t have the opportunity to coil up again.[/color]