Circular needles for magic loop

I must be quite insane because i decided to do these socks. I’ve been using four US 2 DPNs, but I’ve been finding them quite annoying. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good brand of circular needles that i could use for magic loop. I looked at the Options, but they didn’t come in that small a size.


they do have small sizes they just aren’t in the interchangeables. I would use those or Addis.

Yep, I used these for my socks. Same as the interchangeable Options, just not interchangeable. The 32’’ worked fine for magic loop for me.

hmmm… you just threw me, i thought, don’t come in that small a size, WWHHHAATTT!!, I am waiting for mine to arrive and didn’t even bother to look at what i got, everyone just said they were so great. I just shot over to the site and you are right, they only start at 4… I had been looking forward to swapping over my crappy size 2’s i am using at the moment for my socks, with my new options, but i guess that won’t be happening :verysad:

[color=indigo]If you are SURE that you like/want a very sharp point and fast needle with little yarn grab, go for the Options. If you’re not sure or want a choice, try bamboo circulars, because you can easily sand/shape the tips to be as sharp as you like.


Thanks for the info. I didn’t even think to look to see if they had non-interchangeables.

I just recently got my Options and I can tell you that the cable is very well suited for ML. It’s thin and very flexible.

I was thinking of getting a long circ for ml, but every thing I read said 40 inches was the shortest you should go. Is the addi’s join bad?

I’ve done ML for sleeves and hats with 29-32 inch circulars. The needle doesn’t have to be over 40" unless you were going to buy one anyway.


no the addis join is very similar to the options. their needle tips are blunter until you get down to about the size 4s.