Circular Needles & DBN needles Brands

I own The Boye NeedleMaster, but for circular needles the wires are simply too thin and the stitches get all small that when I reach my round, I have to really push hard for the stitches to resize.

Anyone know of a Circular needle set that has a tubing of the correct needle size?

Also I am looking for really long metal DPNs. Anyone know of any brands? I can’t find any at the store.

Check out for really long dpn’s. The brand is Inox. They come in 16" lengths. Addi Turbo circulars have the thickest cord around, but no needle is going to have a cord as thick as the needle itsself.

I use the Denise Interchangable needles. The tube in between the circular needles is a size 5. I’ve never had a problem with my stitches getting “stuck” in between the needles. I’ve had them for about 5 years, and they’re holding up great.

like JessicaSant I love my Denise set!!:blooby:

:shock: Hey I’m just curious as to what 16" long dpns would be used for…

Something big and round?? I used 6 of them to make a cafe table cover.