Circular needles curiosity

:shrug: Hi, I am curious about something I have been reading on these posts, I have noticed that a lot of people say they use circular needles for everything and I am wondering …if you are making mittens or a hat and the pattern calls for a certain size needle, do you just use the corresponding circular and knit the pattern like it says? or do you have to alter your patterns somehow?
I have a ton of straight needles , about 5 circular needles and a bunch of dpn"s want to edit and just keep what I really need or else switch to interchangable sets…advice please

thanks for all the help

I almost exclusively use circular needles, but I am using them like straights. For instance, I am working on a sweater right now, and when I worked on the sleeve, I cast on the stitches exactly as called for in the patter. I didn’t connect and work in the round, I just worked back and forth like I would if I was knitting on straights. For me, I like not having the extra unflexible length of straights. It always made knitting in my favorite rocking chair difficult.


If a pattern uses straights, I, too reach for my circs and knit as the pattern says.

I used straights for years, but discovered that I prefer using circs for everything. I haven’t used a straight needle in a couple of years and gave away all my long ones to my son’s girlfriend. Plus I never lose the ‘other’ needle in the couch or forget to take it with me. DPN’s, however, are a different story. :teehee:

You don’t have to switch by any means, and many people still like their straights. It’s just a personal preference.

I say that if you have a TON of needles and enjoy knitting with straights - keep them and don’t worry about it. If you come across more projects that you want to do with circulars - then you might want to invest in them.

You can knit anything… ANYTHING on circulars. Even small diameter circular knits like gloves and socks if you use the magic loop method, and you do not have to alter the pattern at all.

You can knit flat on circulars because they have two ends, think of those as two straight needles. You can knit in the round normally, or smaller diameters using Magic Loop, or two circulars.


I’m knitting a baby blanket on circulars at the moment. I actually prefer circulars, but I don’t use them often because it’s hard to get a REALLY good set over here in NZ. I have yet to find a place in NZ that sells good quality circs. sigh I would use only circs if I knew I could get a really good set.

Have you seen this? I don’t know what the exchange rate is or if it is a big hassle to ship from Australia but maybe it is worth a try? :shrug: