Circular Needles, cord length

I’m looking at starting my first project involving circular needles and I’m a bit confused. The pattern calls for size 11 needles with a 29" cord. Another pattern I’d like to do later calls for size 11 needles with a 24" cord. Would it matter if I used the 29" cord for the second project? I’m on a limited budget, so I’d like to know in advance how many needles I should be looking for. Thanks.

If knitting flat it doesn’t matter, but when knitting in the round it can make a difference. The cable needs to be long enough to hold all of the stitches (scrunched up is ok) but not so long that you have to really stretch them out.

If you have to make a choice, go with the shorter of the two and just scrunch up the stitches on the one that says to use a longer cable.

I think you’ll find that having various sizes and lengths will come in handy so I’d suggest buying them both or getting a set of interchangables.

Listen to Mason.

Thank you so much. That makes perfect sense.

You’re quite welcome. Trust me, I rarely make sense. :mrgreen: