Circular needle

Can I use a 32" circular needle to make a beanie?


In the round?..That would be a “gigantic” beanie! You can use a circular that size and use Magic Loop technique or use it as 2 needles…but you need alot of stitches to join in the round on a 32":wink:

Oh man…I thought the longer the circular needle, the better it is. Now I have to buy another set from China. :doh:

Thanks for the help!


You know, there are places here in the USA where you can buy circular needles…Joann Fabric, A C Moore, Michaels. You don’t have to order them all the way from China!!


I was so proud of myself, I bought a set of interchangeable needles and cables so I could have whatever length cable I needed by joining them together…and it didn’t work. They all seem to be in use on different projects so I’m constantly borrowing from one to work on another.

Actually, if you see about getting a set of interchangeables, you won’t have to buy a new circ needle for every project. I love mine.

No you don’t have to buy a different set of needles. Use the 32" circs with the magic loop or single loop and you can knit just about anything with them.

Or be brave…and use DPN’s…They are not as intimidating as they look and the “bamboo” ones are devine… as in Harmony…