Circular needle use

:knitting: I am knitting ponchos for granddaughters. I’m using circular needles as told. After casting on, it tells me to Join rnd, taking care not to twist, place marker. 1st rnd (row) is knit. How do I join them, if I just start knitting, I will have it open.

Here is Shandeh’s terrific video for joining in the round. It shows you how to join without a bump.
What a nice gift for your granddaughters. Enjoy knitting them (the ponchos that is).

After you cast on you’ll put the last st you cast on with the working yarn in your R hand and the other end of the needle into your L hand, then just knit them, that will join the sts.

If you have to cast on a lot of stitches -like if you are working bottom up- you might want to knit a 2 or 3 rows flat before joining. You can seam that tiny spot closed at the end. This helps prevent twisting the join. If you’re working from the top down it’s probably not a problem.